Supportive Services Program

Supportive Services is a program that offer various direct or coordinated supports to aid individuals or families in meeting their overall social well-being with financial or supportive resources, including referrals. It may include emergency financial support such as local bus ticket, rental and utility assistance, food, and clothing assistance.  It may also include financial aid with educational enhancement for k-12 grade educational activities such as sports camp, conferences, school bs, special workshops and other education activities.

Supportive Services also offer a free sack lunch on a first come first service basis, these are provided by the Flagstaff Family food center daily.  Supportive Services also offer financial support for ceremonial services.  Coordinated service with Navajo United Way include emergency assistance, such as lodging at Taylor House (for patients of Flagstaff Medical Center) or gift certificates for food and gas on an as need basis to Navajo Nation residents.

Apply for assistance

Applicants can complete an intake form and verification from staff at the Taylor House, located 1431 N. San Francisco Street, Flagstaff, AZ, or call at 928-226-0300.

Assistance is provided one time a year and is based on assessment of individual needs and other criteria required through the various programs.  Actively established NACA clients requesting assistance must submit a completed application that explains support needs and must be actively working on their case management goals and appointments.

For more info and to apply, please contact our Supportive Services Case Manager, Fawn Toya, at or via phone at (928) 526-2968.

One type of support is provided through an informal arrangement with the Flagstaff Family Food Center.  The center drops off sack lunches each morning at the NACA Main office.  Lunches are free and offered on a first come, first served basis.  NACA is also an off-site distribution location for a limited number of emergency food boxes through the Northern Arizona Food Bank.  The boxes are intended for emergency needs only and contain non-perishable canned goods and dry goods.  Flagstaff residents needing emergency food supplies can come to NACA during regular working hours and receive a food box referral on an “as-available” basis.

Another type of supportive service is the educational enhancement awards.  Individuals may receive up to $200 to assist with K to 12th grade educational activities such as sports camp, conferences, schoolbooks, special workshops and a variety of other, educational activities.  Individuals requesting assistance must be Native American.

The NACA Navajo Way Program provides emergency assistance to Navajo Nation residents who are immediate family members of Navajo patients of the Flagstaff Medical Center. Temporary lodging at Taylor House is provided in coordination with the Taylor House staff. The Taylor House is located across from the Flagstaff Medical Center. Gift certificate assistance is also available on an as need basis for food and gas. This assistance is provided on a one-time basis per patient per year.

For consideration of this assistance, applicants need to be:

  • A member of the Navajo Tribe
  • Have a Navajo Census Number
  • Have a Navajo reservation physical address

A second type of support is through funds received from the Navajo United Way and it provides emergency support for Navajo Nation reservation residents.  The funds assist families who are temporarily in the Flagstaff area due to a medical emergency or crisis out of their control.  Examples of emergency services provided included temporary lodging with a referral from Flagstaff Medical Center Social Workers, food and gas vouchers.  Individuals must be Navajo with a tribal enrollment number but do not have to be NACA clients.

For more information about the NACA Supportive Services program, please call Dorothy Gishie at 928-526-2968 ext. 126.