Community Development

NACA is proud to offer an incredible arrange of services and products to meet the needs of our communities, both Native and Non-Native residents of Flagstaff.

We are proud to partner with many community healthcare identities and affiliate agencies to ensure the wellbeing for our patients.

Many of our programs are designed to provide service and aid for those in need, or those disproportionately under served within the Flagstaff community.

Our philosophy is that we are all connected. We believe in holistic approaches in attaining balance, harmony, growth, and resilience. We recognize the strength of our community and use these voices to honor and foster wellness. Our work is to support relationships compassionately and proactively with our kin, collective cultures, and environment.

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NACA is conducting a Community needs assessment called a RARE Assessment. RARE stands for Rapid Assessment, Response and Evaluation. NACA needs community members with a heart for supporting and advocating for unsheltered individuals in becoming trained in this assessment tool from December 1-3, and December 5-6, 10 am- 4 pm. Then after becoming trained, volunteers will interview community members of unsheltered status from December 8-12th. During training and interviews, volunteers can obtain mileage reimbursements or bus passes as well as a small stipend. Meals will also be provided to volunteers and interviewees, volunteers will be required to complete and abide by a Code of Conduct.

Please contact Tallerita at with a short description of your interest in this opportunity.