Extended Services

DUI Services

NACA’s Behavioral Health program is currently offering our 16-hour DUI classes in person at our facility every 2nd and 4th Saturday each month. This program is designed to give informative, practical information to clients who have recently received a DUI and desire to address the issues from a mental health and legal standpoint. Each class is 8 hours long, appeasing the required 16-hour mandate when both classes are completed. To register for the class you must call the front desk at 928-773-1245 and notify them that you would like to attend. To reserve your spot, you must pay $75 for each class, for a total of $150 for both classes.

Revocation Services

The revocation process is in place to provide clients with the opportunity to get their licenses back after receiving a DUI. We take pleasure in helping our patrons get their licenses reinstated, but require that to receive a NACA revocation screening you must complete:
  • A period of 12 months has passed and you have checked with MVD
  • You have had no new tickets in the past 12 months
  • You have the date(s) that your DUI(s) occurred
  • You have 3 letters of support that can attest to your sobriety for a year (No family or friends, it must be from a supervisor, sonsor, mentor, pastor, etc)
  • You have paid the $150 reinstatement fee to NACA
  • You have a certificate of completion of treatment from an accredited agency

Intimate Partner Violence Services

NACA offers Domestic Violence Intervention classes via zoom at this time. Clients have the option of attending 2 groups per week which last one hour per session. Clients need to have a referral from the Criminal Justice System, recent court documents, and police report prior to their assessment. Clients are encouraged to learn new, more skillful ways of getting their needs met without the use of Power and Control Tactics. Elements of the Duluth Model are utilized for the class to help clients learn about the Power and Control and Equality Wheels. First Offense DV-26 hours, Second Offense DV-36 Hours, and 3rd offense or above will be recommended to complete 52 hours. Clients are also assessed for substance abuse during the DV assessment and are referred into NACA’s SAP program if they meet diagnostic criteria for having an active substance use disorder.

Talking Circle

Talking Circle is a group that utilizes Indigenous-centric teachings to contextualize addictions and mental health lessons for clients currently navigating issues related to either or both. It is particularly beneficial for clients that may not have grown up with Native teachings, while simultaneously being a helpful refresher or reemergence for those that have.

Bereavement Support Group

Free virtual support group.

Join the NACA behavioral health team every week in a virtual setting where we offer gentle support as a group,
focusing on healing through grief.
The youth group will meet every first Thursday and the adult group every third Thursday of each month

Thursdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm
First Thursday 5:30pm – Youth Group | Third Thursday 530pm – Adult Group
To sign up please contact the Case Manager at 928-773-1245 Ext. 265 or gdavis@nacainc.org