Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Livándrea Knoki


Carmenlita Chief

Vice President

Juliette Roddy


Celia Barotz


Jacqueline Gencarelle

Larry Etcitty

Department Directors

Jeff Axtell

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Curtis Randolph

Clinical Director, Behavioral Health

Dr. L. George Hersey

Medical Director, Physician

Cynthia Little

Human Resources Director

Tallerita Tunney-Rogers

Community Development Director

Jacqueline Bae

QAQI/Compliance Director

Tavanne Sousa

Operations Director

Leadership Team

Aaron Secakuku

Pathways Youth Program Manager

Travis Draper

Medical Billing Manager

Dorothy Gishie

Economic Development, Program Manager

Jacelyn Salabye

Native Connections, Program Manager

Aaron Rasband, LPC

MSPI, Program Manager

Barbara Frakes


Victoria Taylor

Marketing and PR Officer

Tenillya Cody

Program Manager, Health Promotions

Adrianne Tennant

Interim Program Manager, Reach UR Life

Carrie Dallas

Program Manager, LIFE Program