Wellness Center

Community members can receive personal exercise assessments and prescribed exercise sessions. The Wellness Center staff also offers group fitness classes, offered throughout the week.

The Wellness Center is here for you

NACA’s Wellness Center provides cost-conscious and holistic fitness plans for groups or individuals, alongside nutrition and dietary resources from our staff of highly experienced fitness experts. Whether you’re looking to make a drastic change in your health and fitness, or simply to maintain and supplement your current lifestyle, NACA’s Wellness Center team is here to assist you in reaching all of your health and fitness goals. Call today for more information on classes offered, rates, and membership!

The NACA Wellness Center has licensed and qualified fitness professionals who will work patiently, passionately, and carefully with you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

The Flagstaff area is very limited on public fitness facilities and trainers. The fitness facilities that are in the Flagstaff area do not compare to the cost-efficient rates that NACA offers. Aside from the competitive rates NACA offers, no facility in the Flagstaff area compares to the fitness experts NACA has available to you. We are ready to help you reach all your fitness goals!

Check out the Wellness Center’s Wellness Living scheduler! Here you can see class and event schedules, dates, times, instructors, book appointments, and more!

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Functional Training

Functional Training helps provide you with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance, and flexibility that you need to thrive in athletic sports, and as you move through your life. You use basic functional movement patterns like pushing, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying, and motor patterns (walking and running). Training this way will enhance your performance so you can achieve your goals safely and with good health.

High Intensity Interval Training – Beginner to Tabata

These 30-to-45-minute sessions focus around an exercise strategy that alternates short intense periods of anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

TRX Body Suspension

TRX Body Suspension is a workout leverage system using gravity, and your body weight, to perform several different exercises. You are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise, because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. TRX Training uses tools and movements that challenge the entire body in every plane of motion.


Indoor cycling, as an organized activity, is a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days), and recovery, and involves using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting. It is commonly called spinning, or spin class.

Foam Roll Out

The benefits of foam rolling have to do with the mobility of the fascia, which is a fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds all the muscles in our body. Without proper mobility, fibers of the fascia become cross linked and they bind to muscles and nerves, inhibiting normal motion and causing pain.


Whether you are looking to increase your mindfulness, flexibility, core strength, or just get back into a healthy routine of moving your body, our yoga classes offer something for every level!


Step to active, choreographed cardiovascular exercises targeting different muscle groups.

Super Circuit

Improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength through interval Training.

Pow Wow Sweat

An online video series that breaks down traditional dances into step-by-step exercise routines.

The NACA Wellness Center offers Personal Training. Our trainers are highly skilled and specially certified to better help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Evaluations are available for participants who want to see how far they’ve come, or where to start. This comprehensive evaluation gives you a good start to realizing your physical fitness goals.

Did you know there are only 3 facilities in the Flagstaff area that have the COSMED technology? Out of those 3, NACA is the only one that is available to YOU! Northern Arizona University has the COSMED technology, but utilizes it for their student athletes. Flagstaff Medical Center also has the COSMED Technology, but limits it to their medical patients. NACA is the only facility in the Flagstaff area that offers this amazing and extremely useful service to the public. That means YOU can utilize the COSMED technology and get on the path to a better and healthier lifestyle!

So you may be wondering, what is COSMED equipment?

COSMED fitness testing equipment enables health professionals to assess, measure, and improve Cardiopulmonary Functions. It is state of the art technology that measures vitals and algorithms, in real time, to provide a glimpse into the human body. The Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test provided through COSMED accurately evaluates VO2 (volume of oxygen consumption), which reflects the functional capabilities of the heart, lungs, and muscles!

Here at the NACA Wellness Center, we are working hard to bring you the best care possible. We encourage you to further research the COSMED technology at their official website.

Here is some of what COSMED evaluates:

  • Underlying Cardiovascular or Pulmonary Disease
  • Based on your oxygen consumption, how well your body uses fat as a fuel source
  • With the COSMED results, specialists can prescribe a cardiovascular fitness program that will teach your body how to burn more fat while exercising
  • Your resting metabolic rate and how many calories you need per day, whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or just health improvement
  • With the COSMED results, specialists can give accurate nutritional guidance based on your individual metabolic rate and fitness goals

Imagine being able to push your body to its best performance! The COSMED equipment will let us more accurately determine when your body burns fat and carbohydrates. The individualized information will provide us with the tools to make your fitness and wellness goals a reality!

A key component in the two-part equation to a ‘healthier you’ is proper nutrition. Our Wellness Center team acknowledges and embraces this reality, and integrates nutrition resources and proper diet tips in with their fitness coaching, to train the body, while feeding it with the proper nutrients for optimal health.

The NACA Wellness Center provides members with guidance on how to build healthy eating and meal choice habits, to maximize the benefits of the regular fitness regimen. Whether it is glucose control, high blood pressure, or Crohn’s Disease, etc., there is no condition too big or too small to ask for our Registered Dietitian’s help. In addition to one-on-one referral sessions, we offer an Honoring the Gift of Heart Health class series for anyone interested in learning how to improve their heart health, or support a loved one’s journey to better heart health.

In addition, we provide the community with quick, affordable, and healthy recipe suggestions that will satisfy the whole family!


NACA Wellness Center offers unmatched and cost-conscious rates, allowing everyone accesses to a healthy and active lifestyle. Competitive rates aside, no other facility in the Flagstaff area offers direct access to certified fitness experts to help you reach your fitness goals to get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle!

Basic Memberships – does not include group fitness 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Grant Qualified* and Corporate Rate $5 $10 $15
55+ and Active Military $5 $10 $15
General $10 $20 $30

Daily Gym Access or Group Fitness Drop-In: $2 every day

Ask about our Referral Program and how you could receive 16 Personal Training Sessions!

*Grant Qualified – American Indians/Alaskan Natives over the age of 18 & enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe, NACA Patients, and Referrals. Receive 50% off services!

Annual Events

Resolution Month

Resolution Month is geared to help supercharge your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions and beat the infamous “one-week commitments”. Let our expert team of trainers and nutrition specialists provide you with the core knowledge and resources to make healthier food decisions that, when partnered with a regular fitness schedule, can help you improve your overall health and physical fitness. Occurs annually in January.

Spring into Summer Hiking Series

The Spring into Summer Hiking Series runs from May until October and takes participants to some of the most scenic and picturesque locations Flagstaff and the surrounding areas have to offer. Hikes are scheduled monthly, on a Saturday, and range from 1.5 to 5 miles in length. These hikes appeal to new and seasoned hikers alike, and feature guest speakers and demonstrations each month.

Sacred Mountain Prayer Run

For over 30 years the first Saturday in June has hosted hundreds of runners from all walks of life at Historic Downtown Flagstaff’s Thorpe Park to join in prayer and meditation below the sacred San Francisco Peaks. Offering a 2k fun run/walk, 5k, and 10k course that winds up the challenging Thorpe Trail onto Observatory Mesa, the Sacred Mountain Prayer Run is a staple of elite runners and enthusiasts, as well as amateurs.

Fall into Fitness

Fall into Fitness continues to build on the establishment of healthy exercise routines and good nutrition established by Resolution Month and Rejuvenation Week by carrying participants through to the latter months of the year with even more routines and nutrition tips.