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Receiving Aid From Supportive Services

NACA Inc. offers an incredibly broad range of services and programs to meet the needs of the Flagstaff communities in need of support.

The components of these programs are offered through a more formal process. Active and established NACA clients requesting assistance must submit an application that explains their situation and support needs. Established clients need to be actively working on their case management goals and objectives, and making all their appointments.

The NACA Supportive Services Committee, comprised of staff members, reviews the requests and makes recommendations to fund them fully, partially, or not at all. Individuals are eligible to receive assistance once a year. Written procedures and funding agency requirements guide the committee in making decisions.

The VA has issued “Veterans Choice Cards” to veterans who are eligible for medical care through the VA Healthcare system.  With this, the veteran has a choice to see any provider they choose that will accept VA payment for medical services.  The veteran must call the VA Administration listed on their insurance cards to notify them of their choice of primary care facility.

Therapy services for veterans are also available. Veterans may receive individual, couples, or family psychotherapy for issues related to time in service, or readjustment to civilian life post-deployment. Some of these issues may be depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, etc. NACA has a therapist experienced in working with veterans and involved in veteran’s issues, and who is familiar with service culture, whether you are a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, or Reservist. Contact Dr. Curtis Randolph, Director of Behavioral Health at (928) 773-1245    x260 for additional information.

Veterans are also eligible to receive services provided at NACA Family Health Center.

Please contact the NACA Family Health Center at (928) 773-1245

Community Partners & Affiliated Services

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