Indigenous Empowerment for Health Lifestyles

The Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country grant is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The mission is to support healthy behaviors for American Indian/Alaskan Native communities to attain long term sustainability goals. Our focus/purpose of this grant is to decrease the onset of diabetes, increase the support of breastfeeding mothers, and help manage hypertension. We work with organizations in the Flagstaff area that employ AI/AN populations to achieve these goals through policy initiatives and by providing resources to these worksites by raising awareness and increasing knowledge in breastfeeding, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Working with organizations to establish worksite wellness and breastfeeding programs to address the prevention of obesity and diabetes.
  • Creating a breastfeeding friendly environment by posting breastfeeding signs and creating more breastfeeding rooms for mothers.
  • Creating a committee working around wellness living within worksites (organizations) to get their employees more physically active.
  • Provide health education classes to worksites and patients of our Family Health Center who are living with diabetes, obese and/or hypertension.
  • Community Health Representative Program