Economic Development Program

NACA’s Economic Development program currently operates a vendor program where Indigenous artisans and buyers can learn to market their wares. The Overlook Vending Program was originally established to abolish illegal Native American vending attempts on United States Forest Service Lands. The project created a unique opportunity for Native Americans to enhance and develop their economic self-sufficiency and lessen public assistance dependency.

Above all, Indigenous families involved with the project have gained dignity, self-worth, economic empowerment, and renewed pride in themselves, for many of the families the artists are multi-generational. By creating economic development opportunity at the individual level, we empower individuals to seize control over their financial, social and health circumstances.

The Overlook Vista

The Oak Creek Overlook Vista is located off Highway 89a. It is 17 minutes South of Flagstaff Arizona. It is often referred to as the “Gateway to Sedona”. The Oak Creek Overlook Vista is one of the most beautiful sites in Coconino County and there is absolutely no fee to enjoy the beauty of the scenery at the Oak Creek Overlook Vista.

The Oak Creek Overlook Vista is open daily from 8am to 5pm during the Summer and 8am to 4pm during the Winter. There are 16 Native American Vendors and Artists who showcase and sell their authentic and beautiful arts and crafts. Theses carefully crafted items include jewelry, ornaments, pottery, sculptures and much more.

In 1988, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed by the U.S. Forest Service and NACA, thus establishing a Native American arts and crafts vending project located at the scenic Oak Creek Vista Overlook. This site is off Highway 89-A, atop the switchbacks of Oak Creek Canyon.

This program creates a unique opportunity for Native Americans to enhance and develop their economic self-sufficiency. Above all, families involved with the project have gained economic empowerment and pride in themselves. Sixteen vendors are set up daily to sell their crafts and jewelry.

Native Americans for Community Action, Inc. works in partnership with the Coconino National Forest to oversee vendors at Oak Creek Vista to provide high quality authentic Native American crafts.

The Oak Creek Overlook Vista is visited by hundreds of people daily. Please visit the Overlook Vista today to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the authentic Native American arts and crafts. If you have questions or would like general information about the Oak Creek Overlook Vista please contact Dorothy Gishie at 928.526.2968 ext. 126 or email at

Dorothy Denetsosie Gishie

Dorothy Denetsosie Gishie

Program Manager

George James

Overlook Ranger

Jacob Cook

Overlook Ranger